Top 5 Business Ideas That Don’t Need Store Construction

Top 5 business ideas that don’t need store construction can sometimes vary depending on whose perspective. Let’s first simply define a store construction. When we speak of business ideas, we’d normally think of constructing a four-cornered wall or kiosks or carts where we can showcase our creations. They may be food, gadgets, clothing or any tangible wares for that matter. It’s something we’re used to thinking as far as trading or marketing is concerned.

Let’s pick day spa for this matter. Making a day spa means you need to construct at least a 70-sqm facility to accommodate 4-5 beds, 2-3 recliner seats and some waiting areas. Depending on your design and facilities to be installed, it may cost your construction about $7,000 -$15,000. Add up your lease, electricity, consumables, training expenses, franchise fees and marketing gimmicks, you may end up spending about $40,000 in your first 3-6 months of operation. That could also mean that during this time, you’re considering a stage where you’re losing instead of profiting.

Consider doubling or tripling your facility capacity and you could easily hit at least $50,000 of capital expenses. This may also be applicable to pizza bars, car shop, bake shops and other business ideas. If not done right the first time, mental and physical stresses may soar. They shouldn’t be taken from the equations either.

Thus, more and more are resorting to business ideas which are created online. This means that there are no stores to construct, no people to manage, no consumables, no lease and electricity worries and most importantly, the investment needed may not be as high as the type of business ideas mentioned above. There could be risks, but they are lesser and can be very much calculated. All you need is your credit card. Everything that’s transacted online needs some form of payment. Normally, you’ll pay by encoding that 16-digit number in your plastic card. Well, that’s a risk for some but then again, there are various ways for you to be totally protected.

These top 5 business ideas are simple to start with, but not necessarily easy. Here they are…

5. Freelance graphics – If you have the talent in creating 2D or 3D graphics, you can subscribe to,, or even More and more people are hiring graphics artists for their sites’ headers, featured sliders, eBook and DVD covers. The internet will never run out of graphics.

4. Freelance writing – If you have the creativity juices in writing, take full advantage of it. Quality websites need content. Nowadays, content marketing is even counted as one of the factors to succeed in business. You can become a ghost writer for someone else’s site. But if you want to excel and be hired over and over again, be consistent. Do not outsource your writing skills. It’s better to start writing from scratch rather than edit someone’s work. Your clients will know if what you give them is yours or someone else’s.

3. Membership site – Of all business ideas out there, this is pretty enduring if you’re over delivering. If you have special communication skills and some passion on hand, you can convert them into residual income by genuinely teaching others. Let’s say you excel in programming. You can create How-to videos and write articles about your stuffs so others may learn. It may need special skill sets to make you a wonder programmer, that’s writing a program and talking in front of a camera at the same time. If you have a hundred fan base willing to pay $50 a month, then that’s an easy $5,000 monthly. Chris Farrell Membership is a very good example of a membership site.

2. Website ads – If you have a conventional site or a blog, make sure you’ll populate it with juicy contents. You need to build traffic and attract subscribers. Once your list bloats, you’ll have what it takes for companies to invest on your site. Depending on the size of the ads, you can have a recurring income monthly.

1. Affiliate Marketing – this is one of the best business ideas that’s pretty doable to many. Though you can become an affiliate marketer even without a site, it’s still more professional to deal with people who have faces. Promoting tangible goods or digital products in your website is more trustworthy if you’re in it. People reading your stuffs will start buying them if they trust you. Since you have a special affiliate link, all purchases’ commission can automatically be credited to your account. Build the site, drive traffic to it and enjoy earning even while you’re sleeping.

These business ideas will never need a store construction. You may spend a bit in your website to make it more professional, but it’s not a requirement. There are lots of free platforms today that you can use to create a site. Once you have it, attract people into it. You’ll be doing it anyway, even if you’ve decided to construct a traditional business with a store.